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Launch a Product in Five Steps

Before you can place your first production order, you will need to take the steps outlined below.
Design, marketing, and so on are not covered here.

1. Product Briefing (Product Characterization)  

There are a number of reasons for developing a new product:
a) Marketing: adding to a range, tapping into new markets.
b) New research results from literature, institutes, the client’s company, research conducted by the contract manufacturer working on development, the raw materials industry.
c) New market trends (product adjustments).
d) New raw materials or active ingredients.

To start with, group discussions will lead to the following aspects of the new product being clearly defined:
product image, price category, target group, function, product format, application method, organoleptic parameters, application parameters, physiological effect, claimed effects, proof of effectiveness, main active ingredient, market trends, trend surfing, packaging, market launch date, and development time.

If we go into greater detail at this initial briefing stage, it is less likely that we will need to take extra time reworking things later.

2. The Development Phase

ollowing on from the briefing, the ingredients are selected for the formulation.

The chosen raw materials are processed in almost the same technical conditions that are used for production in the lab. The samples created are bottled in sample containers, given a product code, and shipped to the client to be checked. The client uses a checklist to check through the product’s properties in terms of organoleptic and application parameters.

Since it is not possible to verify the physiological effects within such a short span of time, separate proof of effectiveness is required if there is no literature to refer to. As a result, the checking phase can be reduced to a matter of days. The client submits their desired changes and new samples are developed on that basis. The development and subsequent checking phases are repeated until the client is completely satisfied with the sample they are presented with.

After confirming their approval in writing with the sample code specified,
the combination of ingredients and the percentages used in the formulation are saved on the computer.

This marks the end of the development phase.

3. Quality Assurance According to the Sixth Amendment of the German Cosmetics Directive (KVO)

Depending on the type of product, certain information from the quality assurance sheet (QAS) is checked. This data is used as the basis for explicitly defining the product. This data is then checked again for all future production runs and documented on the relevant QAS. Section 5 paragraph 2 of the German Cosmetics Directive (KVO) stipulates that an expiry date must be added to any products that are stable for less than 30 months. As part of the product’s master data, we log the fact that a product has passed the stability test in line with the guideline from the GKC (German Association of German Cosmetics Chemists), which states that it is possible to assume that a product will most likely be stable for three years after three months.

According to the Sixth Amendment of the German Cosmetics Directive (KVO), the party whose name and registered address appears on the packaging is responsible for:

the INCI declaration, general safety requirements, avoidance of animal testing, information relating to poison information center.

Product details include:
• Formulation, specification/analysis of the raw materials
• Specification/analysis of the finished products (QAS)
• Specification/analysis of the microbiology
• Manufacturing specifications as per GMP safety assessment

4. Quote and Scientific Support

Once decisions have been made on the formulation, production costs, packaging, bottling costs, and documentation required, we can provide the contract manufacturer with a detailed final quote. A computer program we have developed specifically for the cosmetics industry manages formulations, production requirements, raw materials, documentation, and the relevant pricing modules.

Clients can order their cosmetic products based on the written quote, being sure to specify the product code and the quantity required.


5. Packaging Delivery and Documentation Handover

The commissioned product portfolio and the associated documentation are delivered to you.

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